sugarfish and pies.

jen and i were really excited for sugarfish to open up in studio city…we have been talking about it for a month now.  saturday (last minute) we made it happen!  k and i got the nozawa special, which was perfect for two.  fish was fresh. everything tasted amazing.  we would definitely recommend the blue crab roll.  this was also my chance to test out the new 24-70mm lens.  so here are a few test photos from us playing with the camera.  lighting was a bit dark in the restaurant, so you can tell when we played with the white balance and the ISO settings.  after some beers, we continued the night at republic of pie (they have live music every saturday).

banana cream pie, chocolate pecan pie, and coconut cream pie… with coffee and tea.  overload.

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5 thoughts on “sugarfish and pies.

  1. Jen says:

    I LOVED it All!!

  2. […] should because its summer canteen and republic of pie.  two places we go to regularly (here and here). pictures from summer canteen were in my first post using my dslr! i want to believe that i have […]

  3. […] of pie is one of my places to just hang out (here and here). we normally come here for pies and a coffee but on nice mornings when we can make it in, […]

  4. […] only other locations we have been to are downtown and studio city so we can only speak to these when we say the quality of the fish is outstanding.  this location […]

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