bucket list

my ongoing list of things i want to do, see, eat before i die:

more to come…

please note that these images are from [before i die tumblr] and from the web.

18 thoughts on “bucket list

  1. joleneybean says:

    I love your bucket list – what a great idea! And I love your photographs. I wish I had as much talent as you when photographing food. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)

  2. Great list!! Hopefully my blog can help with the cooking and baking :-)

  3. 3pastriesaday says:

    Love these pictures, love this idea! I may just start a bucket list of my own…

  4. Great bucket list!! :)

  5. Irene says:

    i like the visual bucket list. it makes easy to remember. great bucket list by the way! i need to start mine :)

  6. One of ur wish I share dat is watching those floating lanterns …:) I wish we could do dat :) I think it happens there in Beijing …

  7. vnvie says:

    This bucket list is such a great idea! And great food photography on your blog.

  8. wow! Fabliss, I love your bucket list!!! It’s really awesome – what a great idea! and I just love your pictures – you’re a great photog. :)

  9. Lauren says:

    Hey, did we check one off this weekend without even knowing it?? Brooklyn and Manhattan! :)
    PS – I LOVE this blog

  10. modewaerts says:

    Great list! I am right with you for riding an elephant… I lived for a while on the swiss/french broder so on many days I was in two places at one time ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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